Sustain Textiles is proud to announce that we are now working in partnership with UPPAREL, completing the loop and recycling old and unwanted uniforms and clothing items. 


Through recycling and upcycling, UPPAREL is changing the way industry disposes of waste fabric. We chose to come on board with UPPAREL, precisely because we wanted to be as environmentally conscious as possible by upcycling and recycling waste or unwanted clothing within Australia. We are always looking for ways to help close the loop and support sustainability, whilst preventing clothes from landfill and thereby contributing to pollution. Which is why UPPAREL was the obvious choice!   

UPPAREL is a pioneer in tackling textile waste; they upcycle all sorts of textiles into high quality, practical products – all whilst supporting organisations and charities in their mission for sustainability & circularity.

We will be shipping any uniforms and clothing to UPPAREL once a sizeable load has been collected. This is in order to ensure this initiative is as sustainable as possible, for both yourself and Sustain Textiles.

To date, UPPAREL’s efforts have saved 2,057,919 items from landfill and prevented 1,088,115 kg of greenhouse gases polluting the atmosphere. For every kilogram we send to UPPAREL, this will also mean we have helped prevent a further 3-4 kg of greenhouse gases from polluting the atmosphere.

How It Works

We will use our warehouse space to collect these old clothing items, saving this waste apparel from landfill and instead sending it to UPPAREL for recycling.

Whether you are a school, a parent or a business based in the Northern Territory, and would like to recycle your unwanted clothing, get in touch (simply reach out to us via our contact us form.) We will then organise a time for you to either bring your clothes to us at our Winnellie address or we can drop by to collect.

If you are an organisation or community in a remote area, including Alice Springs, please get in touch to work out the most feasible/economical way to get your items to Darwin.

You don’t need to be one of our clients or have ordered with Bonpinda before for us to collect your items. We simply want to reuse and save as much clothing from landfill as possible, to help support a movement towards a sustainable future. 

We understand not many places may offer this ability to recycle your unwanted clothing either, which is why we’re committed to making this service as accessible as possible to our community. There are absolutely no costs involved for you, as we cover all transport and storage expenses.

We are excited about embarking on this journey with UPPAREL, and we hope you’re inspired to join us on this journey too.