Sustain Textiles specialises in creating breathable, durable and comfortable school uniforms, using sustainable materials which are tailored to meet the demands of the Northern Territory climate whilst reflecting the ethics and values of your community. 

We can create Polos, Shorts, Skirts, Sweatshirts, Jumpers, Sun Hats, Shirts, Dresses, Skirts, Pinafores, Socks and much more.

Whatever uniform item you seek, we can assist with the ideal sustainable clothing solution.  

Our Process

Bonpinda Digital Design

1. Design

We create digital design mock ups of your desired product

Bionpinda Natural Materials

2. Fabrics

We guide you on what materials will best meet your uniform requirements

Sustain Textiles

3. Samples

Our Master Tailor creates a sample/prototype for your approval

Bonpinda Australia

4. Delivery

Once approved, we manufacture and deliver your order within your chosen timeframe

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We understand that uniforms need to be both functional and smart, long-lasting and able to withstand the daily activities of your students, whilst suiting a range of heights, sizes and age ranges. 

On average, your students will be spending 35 hours every week wearing their uniform. This means it’s vital that your uniforms are hard-wearing, wearable and a proud representation of your school.

Bonpinda School Uniforms
Bonpinda School Uniforms

Sustain Textiles has an extensive history of designing, manufacturing and delivering environmentally-conscious uniforms to schools across Australia, including the Northern Territory and remote aboriginal communities. With members of our team having lived in remote communities, this means we utilise our experience and real-life understanding to provide you with the best quality clothing options possible.

Whatever your uniform needs, whether seeking multiple styles and colours or you are uncertain of which option to select, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help guide the process from start to finish.

You can select from sweatshirts, sportswear, tees, polos, varsity jackets and shorts – suitable for year-round wear. 

If you are still unsure, we welcome you to talk directly with our team to provide personal, one-to-one support. We are committed to building partnerships with schools, working together towards a brighter, healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Bonpinda School Uniforms

Our Experience

We have extensive experience working with schools of all shapes and sizes; so whatever your wholesale uniform requirements, chances are we’ve worked on a project similar to your own before. 

Here are a few examples of past projects we partnered on.  

Northern Territory School

This particular school hosts 600+ Kids (from Preschool to Year 12), and approached us for a uniform design solution. 

Bonpinda School Uniforms
Bonpinda Schoolwear

Referral School

This new school customer approached us last year through good word of mouth.

“Bonpinda has and continues to be a great company to work with. They are always happy and willing to provide any information we require and prompt at actioning requests. The quality of the uniforms provided is always excellent with any concerns being addressed straight away”.

Rugs & School Accessories

Uniforms aren’t the only wholesale items we supply for schools.

Our recycled plastic rugs make fantastic additions to any educational setting. Robust, attractive and made to specification; you can choose the colours, pattern and size, making this versatile rug suitable for any space. 

Our school accessories are the perfect accompaniment to your uniforms; with customised backpacks, rucksacks, tote bags, socks, hats and stationery accessories available making these items completely unique to your school.

Our Fabrics

Bonpinda Cotton

Organic Cotton

Bonpinda Linen


Bonpinda Tencel Natural Material


Bonpinda Recycled Polyester

Recycled Polyester

Bonpinda Natural Blends


We offer organic cotton, recycled cotton, linen, Tencel, recycled polyester and fabric blends, so you can select from hard-wearing, light weight and environmentally responsible uniform options. 

You can also be confident that our manufacturing processes reflect your school’s values, with our fair wage and ethical policies guiding every element of our operations. We ensure our wages work to support families in providing their own children with an education and improved quality of life. 

If you would like to read more about our transparent manufacturing policy or our mission to support every individual’s right to safety, security and opportunity click here.