Our Manufacturing Partners

Our Partners

Sustain Textiles was founded on clear values & this has carried over to our manufacturing partnerships. 

At Sustain Textiles, we establish professional relationships based on respect and integrity. Our manufacturing partners share these values and vision, and together we aspire to work towards a more sustainable world. 

Bonpinda Manufacturing Partners

Our Partnering Process

Whether connecting with likeminded businesses in Australia, India or elsewhere, we always take extensive measures to ensure our partners match the Sustain Textiles standard, working towards a fairer, more sustainable future for all.  

Our partnership process typically involves the following steps:

1. Qualifications Check

We confirm that our partners have all the legitimate paperwork and qualifications to meet Bonpinda’s sustainability standards

2. Premises Visit

We visit the premises to ensure that working conditions are ethical and that no child labour is involved

3. One-on-One Interviews

We meet with team members, the individuals who will help create our clothes, to ensure pay is equal and workers receive full rights. Not only this, we discuss their personal aspirations & discuss what infrastructure can be put in place to help them reach these goals

4. Leadership

We come together with the team leaders/supervisors and agree to a plan of action, outlining the practical measures to support every person involved in the hierarchy to develop and grow – not just the top management 

Currently, our partner Hitesh Jain (who you can read about below) supervises all activity within India. We have full faith, clear lines of communication and understanding with each other, which is what makes our partnership so successful.

Our priorities for every Sustain Textiles order is to achieve exemplary quality and product standard, as well as meeting deadlines, as we consider this a vital part of the whole process. 

Bonpinda Manufacturing Partners

Who Supplies Our Yarns & Threads

Step one in our manufacturing process is with our yarn and thread suppliers. Both Usha Yarns and the Vardhman group are pioneers in the world of clothing creation, paving the way for recycled threads and sustainable fabrics to be used worldwide. 

We are proud to source Sustain Textiles yarns from two such companies, who share our aspiration for innovative manufacturing practices.  

Usha Yarns Manufacturing Partner

Usha Yarns

Our yarns and raw materials are supplied by Usha Yarns.

Usha Yarns recycles PET bottles to create high quality recycled pre-dyed yarn, helping us to create sustainable products which are low cost and offer a significantly reduced environmental footprint.

Embroidery Machine
Vardhman Group Manufacturing Partner

Vardhman Group

All the cotton and linen materials Sustain Textiles uses is supplied by Vardhman.

Founded in 1965, Vardhman is one of the largest vertically integrated textile companies in India. The Vardhman Group is a champion of human potential and has integrated a culture of developing young people into leaders.  

Garment Knitting Machine

Our garment knitting and embroidery machines

Who Helps Create Our Clothing

The Jain Family

Our manufacturing partners the Jain family are based in Ludhiana, Punjab India. The Jain family run clothing manufacturing as well as retailing outlets dealing in all sorts of clothing items, and they are who help co-ordinate our entire process: from design, to inception, to supervision, to delivery. 

The Jain family have been in the textile manufacturing and knitting industry for three generations. In fact our founder, Pushpinder, went to school with one of their sons (Hitesh Jain – third generation). Whilst Pushpinder and Hitesh had fallen out of contact since their school days, it was during Sustain Textiles’ quest to find the right suppliers which led to Push and Hitesh reconnecting.

They operate under the name Oswal Classic and all Bonpinda uniform manufacturing gets overseen by Hitesh and his uncle Sulakshan Jain.

Our team have visited their factory, workspace as well as retail outlets numerous times, and we frequently speak to them during the week. We are passionate about experimenting and using sustainable fabrics and continue to educate ourselves in this area.

Best of all, our values align; trust, valuing relationship, continuous innovation and resilience. 

Sulakshan Jain - Oswal Classic
Hitesh Jain - Oswal Classic

The Jain family has been in the textile and hosiery manufacturing and retailing industry since 1984. They have a big reputation in their respective field in the state.

Sustain Textiles is proud to be the Jain family’s only trade partner in Australia.

Equally, Sustain Textiles is able to offer complete supply chain transparency through our partnership with the Jain family. Transforming yarn into a fully woven garment, everything happens in one factory. Most of the Jain family employees have been with them for over 20 years, treated as extended family.