Our Origin

Sustain Textiles was founded in 2018 by husband and wife Pushpinder and Siobhan, with the purpose of meeting Australia’s need for ethically made school uniforms. 

Bonpinda - Siobhan Taylor

Our journey first began with the question, ‘Who actually makes these mass produced school uniforms? And do people even care about this?’  

You see, both of our backgrounds have involved working in the educational industry. Where Siobhan (Bon) is a school teacher and I (Push) have worked for school education systems too, this meant we’d both been immersed in this environment and come to know the various needs and demands of teachers, students and parents alike. 

Equally, we were aware of a shift in Australia; a movement towards more mindful and ethical consumerism, and a desire to find more sustainable solutions to current manufacturing practices. 

This inspired us to look more closely at school uniforms and their creation, and from there we embarked on a journey of research, discovery and realisation (which you can read about here.)

Since then, we have grown to design and manufacture our own Australian School Uniforms, in addition to supplying sustainable clothing solutions for Mining, Infrastructure and B2B clients too. 

Today, we create tailored PPE and ethical clothing options to Australian businesses in the Northern Territory and beyond, alongside supplying accessories and recycled plastic rugs, leveraging the benefits of organic cotton, linen, Tencel, recycled polyester and material blends.  

We are a close-knit team who work in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, providing every member with a fair wage & inclusive equal opportunities. We support the eradication of world poverty, child labour and hunger, and champion the movement for responsible consumption and production. 

(To discover further information regarding our ethics and commitment to a fair wage, read more here.)

Our Values


We conduct ourselves with empathy, honesty and mindfulness. We are conscious that we are part of a wider community, who will be impacted by our choices & always deserve our respect.


We take ownership of the consequences of our actions and behaviour, always striving to make informed, aware and sustainable choices. We look out and care for our community, whether a team member, client or manufacturing partner.


We treat everyone with fairness, offering equal opportunities to individuals of all backgrounds. In alignment with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, we believe every person is entitled to a life of safety, security and fulfilment.  

Our intention is to establish lifelong relationships with both our clients and manufacturing partners, as we work together to protect resources for our immediate communities & the wider world. 

Our Goals

We hope to progress to the point of manufacturing all Sustain Textiles products within Australia.

We completely understand the environmental and social benefits of manufacturing within Australia itself, which is why part of our vision is to relocate as much of our operations to this country as possible. 

As we are a small, family-run business, this currently creates financial and logistical obstacles for us. However, we are determined to make this a reality and continue to progress toward this goal each and every day. 

Whilst we currently face the challenges of a limited workforce being available within Australia and the ability to produce certain materials in this country, it’s our hope to establish valuable connections & spearhead this movement with the Australian government.

If you are interested in becoming involved with this initiative, we would welcome you to get in touch here.  

We regularly assess our policies and procedures, ensuring they are as efficient and environmentally-friendly as they can possibly be. We seek to limit any negative impact we have on the natural world, protecting resources for future generations.

Why Choose Sustain Textiles?

Innovation, vision and imagination drive everything we do. We understand the sheer potential sustainable manufacturing practices offer, and strive to pass these benefits on to you too.  


We will aim to fulfil your order within as short a timeframe as possible, the majority delivered within 28 days 


We provide only the highest quality apparel, tailored to your exact specifications, whilst utilising materials to help protect the planet


We work closely with you from the initial design to delivery of the final product, ensuring that the best possible product is created for your organisation


We establish lifelong personal connections, whether with our manufacturing partners or clients. We consider ourselves your ‘go to’ team, whatever your requirements 

To ensure you don’t incur any unnecessary expenses, we deliver straight from the production unit to your doorstep, regardless of where you are located.

Our freight carrier system means no extra storage charges are involved and provides a more affordable delivery solution for clients in remote communities. Regardless of where you are and your wholesale clothing needs, we’re the team to turn to.

The Bonpinda Family

Sustain Textiles & Bonpinda Online

Uniforms are just one part of what we do. As well as providing clothing & accessories for schools, professional industries and businesses, as an extension of our wholesale operations we also have an online community space.  

In this online community, we bring together independent artists, creators and makers from around the world, and share their stories and products. Any leftover fabrics from our wholesale business are never wasted; instead, we transform these fabrics into ready-to-wear clothing items and make them available in this online space too.

Our intention is to champion independent creators whilst offering our community the ability to engage with items that are ethically sourced, sustainable and designed to support mindful living. 

We like to consider Sustain Textiles as the matriarch elephant of the Bonpinda herd, with Bonpinda Online the calf following in its footsteps. Both facets of Bonpinda coexist in balance and harmony, helping us to move ever closer to fulfilling our vision of reshaping manufacturing & purchasing practices for the better.